Modern Greek Adult Classes

Katy London_2

Katy Logotheti Anderson is a graduate of the universities of Thessaloniki, Edmonton and Edinburgh. She has lectured in English Language and English Literature at Thessaloniki and taught in the first courses the university offered in Greek as a Foreign Language. She is an experienced translator between Greek and English and has been teaching Greek in Edinburgh for many years, for Edinburgh City, Edinburgh University and now at the Greek School. She is the Chair of the Edinburgh Greek Film Festival.

At all levels the aim is to make the effort of learning fun , and provide students with foundation blocks on which they themselves can build on their gradually acquired knowledge. Right at the beginning we aim to enable students to navigate themselves in a Greek environment, asking for directions, ordering drinks and food , booking a room. There is also provision for those who choose to persevere and to go further in the understanding and enjoyment of the language.

For more information please contact Katy on: 0131 229 4047  

Venue: 2 Meadow Lane, @ The Greek Orthodox Church.