Classical Greek

Adult Group – Classical Greek

Edinburgh Hellenic School is pleased to offer you a free of charge course in Classical (Ancient) Greek. The courses are offered to students of any age, who are genuinely interested in learning Classical Greek. The tutorial is constructed in an innovative way that aims to serve all students’ needs. The students themselves, along with the teacher’s guidance, are the ones to decide the type of the tutorial and this technique aims to fulfill all expectations and help students learn more on Classical Greek Language, Grammar, Vocabulary & Etymology as well as Ancient Greek Philosophy and History, which are so deeply admired up until today.

The group meets every Tuesday at 5-6pm (2 Meadow Lane). The tutor is Miss Melina Tsiknaki, an experienced teacher in Ancient and Modern Greek history, language and literature.

We will be more than delighted to welcome you in our team and explore the admirable history and language of the Ancient Greeks.

Please remember that no enrollment is necessary.